Brainhack for getting short bursts of hyper focus

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Author Dave Farrow shares his step-by-step tips to capitalize on focused bursts of mental acuity in the workplace. 

The Focus Burst™ method tricks your brain into mimicking your fight-or flight response, giving you a short burst of hyper focus. Here are the steps to achieve this: 

• Break down your project into short chunks.

• Set a goal for each short burst. 

• Use an external timer that makes a noise.

• Make your focus time five to eight minutes. 

• Focus on the task with intensity. 

• The short burst should mimic a fight-or-flight situation.

• When the timer goes off, reset it for the same time. Repeat the process. 

The result of these focus bursts can be incredibly effective. 

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– Dave Farrow, Farrow Communications